The Blonde’s portfolio

A handful of my published work…


“How the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history spread” (The Daily Briefing, 2014)

map_970pxThe states with the most painkiller users” (The Daily Briefing, 2014)


“Climate change is bringing more allergies, asthma” (The Daily Briefing, 2013)


“Traveling abroad this summer? Here’s how to stay healthy” (The Daily Briefing, 2014)


“It’s Not About The Bike” (ThriveWire, 2014)

hygge-2 “It’s Great to Be a Dane, Even in Winter” (ThriveWire, 2015)

“For the Birds” (Garden & Gun, 2008)


“AWA, Architects with attitude” (Architecture Leaders Today, 2012)

aia_small_projects_09_15“Gimme Shelter” (Architecture Leaders Today, 2012)

Unknown“Bako, My Beloved” (Zocalo Public Square, 2011)


My name is IKEA and I’ll be your GC” (Architecture Leaders Today, 2012)


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