Paige Baschuk is an American writer living in Geneva, Switzerland with her husband and baby.

Paige boasts ten years of professional journalism experience, writing for publications such as Garden & Gun, Architecture Leaders Today and the Daily Briefing. She has covered everything from crime and politics to architecture and health care. In 2011, she was awarded a Maryland-D.C. Press Association first place for an investigative piece on the local police department and first place for coverage of Maryland’s gubernatorial race.

These days, Paige is happy to freelance write about travel and living abroad.

Why Bakersfield? The unique California city is Paige’s hometown and one of the few constants in her life since she has lived in London, New York and Washington, D.C. Why blonde? Always traveling, Paige has had her flaxen locks cut in five countries so far. Her hypothetical book How do you say ‘highlights’ in Arabic? is sure to win a Pulitzer Prize.

(Interested in working with Paige? Contact her via pbaschuk[a]gmail[dot]com.)


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Pagie, did not know you are doing a blog, so cool! Thanks for sharing! If you decide you “want to go” to New Zealand, you have a place to stay!

  2. Hi Paige, Kate steered me to your blog and I am really enjoying reading about your life and travels in Europe. I know you have had to give up time with family and friends back in the states for this move, but you will be reliving the memories you are making now for yrs. to come, and your blog will always be there to remind you of your time in Geneva and beyond!
    I am presently homebound on Jenifer St. since I had a knee replacement last week. I am doing really well and can get up and down the stairs, prepare meals and enjoy reading your informative blog. Please give my love to your man and a belated “Happy 2-yr. Anniversary” Love, Maura

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