This week I am…

IMG_1885…vowing to keep loving winter after a weekend trip to Gstaad (is the “G” silent or not?).

…making this classic Swiss dish for American friends coming through town.

…pretending I still live in D.C. by watching this drama (Have you seen the Muppet’s take on it?).

…dreaming about staying in this luxury pod hotel next winter.

…crossing France off the list of places to have children after reading this article.

…adopting these rules for going fluent in French (who am I kidding, I would have a French bébé).

…looking for some shoes for summer travel–should I go American or more Euro?




One thought on “This week I am…

  1. I love your blog Paige! Glad to see that you’re well and enjoying cheese!! It’s well worth investing in a raclette machine AND a le creuset fondue set 😉

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