Do you write snail mail?


I remember going to the Post Office with my mother nearly every day as a child. She knows all the postal workers’ names, which stamps are due to debut and has usually calculated how much she owes before reaching the counter. She sends so many packages, she invested in one of these, like a pro.

It wasn’t until moving across the country to college that I realized how much she corresponds via snail mail, nor how much I love being on the receiving end. That love only deepened when I moved to Switzerland, because the correspondences help battle feelings of isolation. I’m separated from nearly everyone I hold dear by at least the Atlantic Ocean.

My Swiss refrigerator is an homage to letter-writing.
My Swiss refrigerator is an homage to letter-writing.

We obviously know about email and use it regularly, but it doesn’t have the same magic as a handwritten note. For one thing, email is instantaneous and the recipient is expected to respond in a timely manner. When you send someone a letter or package, it is like you have a secret every time you communicate. When will she receive the card? 

And when you think about it, there are few moments left like that in life.

I love the whimsical stationery from
I love the whimsical stationery from

I think sadly our society has gotten so lazy that the idea of sitting down, writing a handwritten note, stamping it and dropping it in the mailbox sounds like an incredible exertion of effort. In reality, the small effort put into writing a handwritten note is not equal to the big impact it makes on the recipient.

I try to buy memorable notecards and postcards whenever I come across them, so that I have a cache when I want to jot down a note to someone. Over the weekend I came across some vintage Easter postcards in French, Italian and German, so I bought a few…



Vintage German Postcard

I love how each card subtly reflects the culture of its peoples.

This company has a fun selection of vintage reproductions if you’re having trouble finding unique cards. But sometimes, you need to get a note across quickly–no time to test how long international mail will take–and that is when I turn to Paperless Post. This online service offers gorgeous, virtual stationery and cards that can be personalized and emailed to anyone. When received, the card or invitation elegantly slides out of the envelope as if you were opening it yourself.

Almost as good as the real thing...
Almost as good as the real thing…

3 thoughts on “Do you write snail mail?

  1. Occasionally I send a letter via snail mail to one of my grandchildren who live in the same town as me. It makes them feel so special. It has also prompted them to write back!! Just a few printed lines about something I saw or did that reminded me of him. I’m all for bringing back the art of letter writing. Great post Paige.

  2. Thank you Jill! I have a saved postcard from my (now deceased) grandmother who sent it to me when I was just a toddler. I love that she wrote a postcard to me even though I couldn’t read yet. One of my most cherished possessions.

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