April showers…bring on the rain boots

Packing for chilly, rainy Prague.

When I looked at the weather forecast for my three-day jaunt to Prague, there were rain cloud graphics for every day. Luckily, we only experienced some light rain on a couple afternoons (not enough to dampen our spirits…), but the forecast was ominous enough that I seriously debated whether to pack my favorite Hunter wellies. And as my tiny suitcase filled, I realized the boots were not going to make the cut.

My trust Longchamp suitcase makes the carry-on cut. http://bit.ly/1CdpWHF
My trusty Longchamp suitcase always falls within the carry-on restrictions. http://bit.ly/1CdpWHF

We almost always fly with carry-on baggage (for the great prices), but the restrictions on European airlines are very restricting. Knowing the weather and packing perfectly for it has become my obsession while traveling. So when I started thinking about what I would bring if I was traveling to a truly rainy place…I ended up doing a little online shopping. There are a lot of great options for travel rain boots, here are a few of my favorites:

Foldable boots! http://bit.ly/1aki7dU

Did you know Hunter sells foldable boots? Pretty cool if you are going fly fishing or somewhere seriously mucky , but shorter boots will probably do for most wet weather travel. You don’t even have to give up heels…

Don't compromise your heels. http://bit.ly/1CPSxYD

You don’t have to lose your edge…

Chic moto rubber booties. http://bit.ly/1Io9yJp

These are perfect for a country getaway…

Works in snow, too. http://bit.ly/19H5sAP

These are under $35 and look dynamite…

Comes in black and navy, too. http://bit.ly/1FiLAPp

And these are the high-end option…

Perfect for rainy London. http://bit.ly/1Dwmdur

Me, I always duck into a museum or cafe when it rains. Sometimes I’m a little thankful when the gorgeous sun isn’t tempting me out of an art museum I’ve been dying to see.

I’ll reveal more about my somewhat rainy, but gorgeous trip to Prague in posts to come. Meanwhile, check out these tips on how to not let rain ruin your vacation:


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