I want to go to there…

Cathedral in Florence

…Florence, Italy.

(and I’m flying there right now!)




History, art, architecture, wine, gelato…what’s not to love? Well, I’m going to investigate.

We’re staying in an apartment (with a rooftop patio!) in the Santa Croce neighborhood, not far from the famed Ponte Vecchio bridge. I watched A Room with a View in preparation, but otherwise I haven’t planned too much. We’re joining a Tuscan wine tasting this evening and visiting the Uffizi Gallery tomorrow, so we can see this gentleman…


…otherwise, I’m hoping to soak up the sunshine, people watch and pretend I’m Sophia Loren.


Have you been to Florence? Do you have any recommendations?


As far as packing, I’m taking advantage of the 70-degree-plus weather and leaving the wool coats at home. White jeans, hallelujah!

Denim jacket. http://bit.ly/1abyPeu.

Denim jacket. http://bit.ly/1abyPeu.

A nod to Italy's flag. http://piprl.me/1Cne3QJ

Nod to Italy’s flag. http://piprl.me/1Cne3QJ

I have an arsenal of H&M white tees. http://bit.ly/1CvdVhs

Inexpensive white tee. http://bit.ly/1CvdVhs

First signs of spring. http://bit.ly/1JtDDbR.

First signs of spring. http://bit.ly/1JtDDbR.

Negroni, here we come. http://bit.ly/1abI8uV

Negroni anyone? http://bit.ly/1abI8uV

Arrivederci for now and a few links about fair Firenze:


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