Sneaking off for a summer vacation?

Have you seen European Vacation? Those Griswolds. Yikes.
Have you seen European Vacation? Those Griswolds. Yikes.

I try my hardest not to look like a tourist wherever I go. I own no fanny packs and you won’t find me in an American flag t-shirt. I like to look like I belong. I want to be mistaken for a local. I live to be asked for directions. Suffice to say, it’s a bit of an obsession.

But since moving to Europe I’ve let go of my no sneakers while traveling rule, because:

#1 Europeans love sneakers. From the flashy and colorful to understated and high-end, the Swiss-French adore to wear their le tennis on the weekend.

#2 Sneakers give me more mileage. I have barely worn a pair of heels since moving here, because I walk everywhere and on cobblestoned streets, no less.

#3 There are some seriously cute sneakers out there! Gone are the days of bright white Reeboks that scream “tourist!” A pair of well-chosen sneakers never look lazy when paired with a tailored outfit.

A few of my favorite summer sneakers for some dream trips:

Seaside in Cape Cod:

Sperry ($65):
Sperry ($65):

Surf camp in Costa Rica:

Bucketfeet ($73):
Bucketfeet ($73):

Backpacking through Europe:

Nike $85:
Nike ($85):

Sailing in the British Virgin Islands:

Converse ($54).
Converse ($54):

Wine-tasting in Tuscany:

Van's ($46).
Van’s ($46):

Island-hopping in Greece (the lightest shoes for your suitcase–I’ve worn them since 1992):

Bensimon ($35). *Been wearing these since I was 7 and there is no lighter, more versatile sneaker if you are short on suitcase space.
Bensimon ($35):

Weekend sightseeing in New York:

Reebok ($74):
Reebok ($74):

Road tripping down the Californian coast:

Ked's ($75):
Ked’s ($75):

The go anywhere classic white summer sneaker:

Superga ($65):
Superga ($65):

Happy travel planning (and sneaker shopping!). For now, a few links:


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