This week I am…

We spent Saturday celebrating the opening of the Swiss wine season.
Did you have a nice weekend? We celebrated the opening of Switzerland’s wine season.

…in Paris! Thanks to my husband’s work trip, I’ll be running around one of my favorite cities.

…strolling the Champs Élysées armed with expert advice on avoiding buyer’s remorse.

…mulling over this well-written article on how comedians have become public intellectuals.

…loving this new law reducing food waste in France (how to apply the law in your home).

…stopping by a beloved Parisian store after reading this article on the new age of bookstores.

…studying 35 career tips I should know by 35 (just five years and two weeks to go–eek!).

…stealing these picnic ideas to faire une pique-nique in the Bois de Boulogne park.

More on Switzerland's "caves ouvertes" holiday in tomorrow's post.


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