Summer in Switzerland: A day on Lac Léman

IMG_4441 2



With friends in town, we decided to splurge by renting a motor boat yesterday to take advantage of the summery weather we’re having around around Lac Léman, a.k.a. Lake Geneva.

The lake is a big part of the Genevoise lifestyle. We see the lake every day from different vantage points around town since Geneva is split in half by it, and yet, we’ve never been as up close and personal with the lake as we were yesterday. With clear, cloudless skies we were able to see all the towns that surround the lake, including snow-capped peaks of Mont Blanc in the distance.

The day was so out-of-this-world gorgeous that talk turned to how we might buy a boat and keep it on the lake… but what does a boat cost in Switzerland if dinner for two can run upwards of $200? At the very least, the boat rental may become a part of our summer schedule.IMG_4423



Looks refreshing, eh? With Lac Léman being fed by glacial waters “refreshing” is certainly a word that comes to mind. Also: “icy,” “freezing” and “hypothermia-inducing.” But the Swiss swim in it regularly, so in they went. And for these two old friends, cannonballs were a must.


IMG_4454I think seeing Lac Léman from a boat is one of the best ways to get to know Geneva (the train is a close second). We haven’t owned a car since moving here nine months ago and neither of us is feeling a void with other transportation options being so readily available. Maybe I’ll change my mind in time…but for now, a few links for sunny, summer days:


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