This week I am…

Did you have a nice weekend? We spent as much time on the lake as we could.
Did you have a nice weekend? We spent as much time on the lake as we could.

…challenging my friends to this addicting game.

…trying to avoid this American “disease” while living in Switzerland.

…dusting off my vintage records after reading about this hallowed music studio.

…shopping for one of these for the first time in years (is it because I’m a 30-year-old?!)

…earmarking this fascinating article for when I become a parent.

…firing up the grill! A list of the coolest grilling accessories.

…using this genius packing guide for a last-minute weekend trip (more on that soon!).

The icy-cool glacial lake is coming in handy during our Swiss heat wave!

2 thoughts on “This week I am…

  1. I bought a one-piece for this summer (it’s from Anthropologie) and I love it! It makes me feel confident and sexy, but also a little less self-conscious if I’ve had an extra large sandwich for lunch or something ; ) I’d highly recommend!

    1. Merci! I love Anthropologie’s selection, especially their Nanette Lepore swimsuits. I’d like a swimsuit that looks ok as a top with a skirt or pair of shorts in a pinch. So funny I’m looking at one-pieces now–I can clearly remember begging my mom to let me get a bikini when I was 13!

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