Summer Travel Staple: The Sarong

No kidding, I wore this sarong out to dinner in Cannes (no bikini). It is all about a secure knot.
No kidding, I wore this sarong out to dinner in Cannes (no bikini). It’s all about the knot.

The funniest thing happened over my birthday. My sister and mother both sent me sarongs as gifts! Without consulting one another, they each thought a sarong would be the perfect piece for my summer travels. Rightly so. Caftans are dramatic, but sarongs are versatile. A few tying ideas:

  • Where it around your neck as a scarf on the flight;
  • Lay it out flat on the sand as a beach blanket in a pinch;
  • Fold it in half twice and wrap it around your waist for a knee-length cover-cover-up; and
  • Fold it in half once and wrap it around your waist for an ankle-legth skirt (pictured above).


Ready for the expert level? I tried every style in this amazing sarong tutorial. All of them were easy to tie, but I’m not sold the “harem pants” look… A few shopping ideas for a sarong:

7157602851311_066_bThis Lily and Lionel watercolor sarong would look gorgeous over a black one-piece suit.

This Roberta Roller Rabbit sarong is light and airy on hot days. I can see it with a pink bikini.

This Theodora & Callum one would work well in the evening; apparently, it’s a celebrity favorite.

7157429807131_024_bThis Star Mela sarong’s pom-pom edge is super fun. Great with a white t-shirt and jean jacket.

Best part? One size truly fits all. There is nothing so-wrong when it comes to a sarong (don’t hate me for that joke). I hope you are in a beachy frame of mind this week…but for now, a few links:


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