Simple Summer Recipe: A Cool Breakfast for Hot Days


It has been hot in Geneva lately. And I know hot. I’ve lived through dry, desert, wavy-lines-coming-off-the-ground heat in Bakersfield and sticky, humid, will-I-ever-be-dry-again heat in Charleston. But in Geneva, we’re experiencing a different heat.

This is a 107°F heat from which there is no respite, because there is no air conditioning. Anywhere. On the busses. In the grocery stores. At the libraries. Officials closed art museums this week to put paintings in storage for fear that they would melt! Can you say Alpine heat wave?IMG_4833

Meanwhile, our lives have been revolving around our one fan and eating anything cool… because, as one of my favorite bloggers put it, “watermelon is edible air conditioning.”

I borrowed this breakfast recipe from my mother, who knows a thing or two about keeping it cool. I hesitated to even call it a recipe, but sometimes you need meal inspiration when it feels like your brain is baking. And how about those colors? It’s like a tropical vacation in a bowl.

A Cool Breakfast For Hot Days

  • One small cantaloupe
  • One cup blueberries
  • One lime
  • Ground espresso
  • Milk or cream
  • Ice

Make the iced coffee the night before by brewing either double-strong coffee or a few batches of espresso and setting it aside. (I swear by this inexpensive espresso percolator). Since iced coffee becomes diluted easily, this is important. Serve the next morning with ice, milk or cream.

Keep the cantaloupe and blueberries in the refrigerator overnight so they become extra cold. Slice the melon into cubes, top with blueberries and squeeze lime juice over top. Enjoy!

IMG_4839I’m hoping you’re enjoying some cool breezes wherever you are…but for now, a few links:


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