Summer 101: Waterproof Watches

Between swimming and sweating, I’ve had to give up wearing my nice watch with a leather strap for the summer. I didn’t think it would bother me…but when I was splashing around the Croatian coast and keeping my eye on the ferry schedule, I just couldn’t relax. I needed to know the time. It’s an anxiety thing I should work on, I know. But in the meantime, I’ve decided to invest in a waterproof watch. Here are my favorites from Switzerland’s own Swatch:


The Sardina Watch


The Blue Pine Watch


The Mariniere Watch


The Kauai Wraparound Watch


The Mister Parrot Watch

Do you prefer a bold or understated watch? I’m usually attracted to traditional pieces, but I’m loving the idea of a fun, colorful watch with my black bikini. I hope you are on time everywhere you go today…but for now, a few links for your Wednesday:


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