Behind the wheel: Road trip essentials



I initially had been weary of road tripping through Italy instead of arriving by train–what with crazy Italian roads and us not having been behind the wheel in months… but I forgot how much I enjoyed the freedom of a car: playing the radio with the windows down, stopping wherever we wanted to take a photo and making our own itinerary.

I’ll still be the Swiss rail system’s #1 fan, but I’m looking forward to planning more European road trips in the future. I’ve rounded up a few items I’d love to have on my next road trip and divided them into two categories: “high road” (expensive) and “low road” (affordable). Enjoy!


High Road Retro Sunglasses (Stella McCartney)

image1xxlLow Road Retro Sunglasses (ASOS)


High Road Plastic Cup (HOST)


Low Road Plastic Cup (SOLO)010735400704_01_01_645Wx645HHigh Road Driving Shoes (Tod’s)

image2xxlLow Road Driving Shoes (ASOS)


High Road Weekender Bag (Longchamp)_10258852

 Low Road Weekender Bag (Sole Society)


High Road GPS (Garmin watch)


Low Road GPS (Michelin Map)

We used a map, some directions from Google and locals to get around the winding Piedmont country roads. We got a little lost, but never in an argument–so I’m calling the trip a success! Here’s hoping you are exploring some new territory this weekend…but for now, a few links:


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