Greece is the word


How does one sum up two weeks spent in Greece? Maybe by the number of photos taken. Or by the pounds of feta consumed. Perhaps by the number of times I said “Wow, this country!” when bowled over by its beauty (or “Ugh, this country!” when frustrated by its un-Swiss inefficiencies).

When I attempted to begin writing a post about where I’ve been, what I’ve seen and how I’ve felt, my mind kept coming back to one windswept afternoon spent on Sarakinko Beach, Milos Island. This bleached white, raw beach is made up of volcanic ash that has been shaped over time by the wind and waves to create what can only be described as an other-worldly landscape.

Some say it is the closest you can come to standing on the moon while still on earth.





Sarakinko is a constantly windy place and we visited on maybe the windiest day of the year. A time of year every August the Greeks call maltemi. The wind howled and whined. My scarf threatened to choke me. I found myself almost crawling in some areas. Boats between Milos and most islands were cancelled for the day. The wind also made it so difficult to speak that we were forced to take in its beauty silently–as if in a hushed art museum. Only when we returned to the windless, safety of our car were we able to gush to one another about what we had seen.





The lunar landscape we glimpsed on Milos Island will be haunting my dreams for weeks to come, but I’m excited to share more about the 12.5 other days I spent around Greece. I hope you find yourself in hushed awe of something beautiful this week…but for now, a few links:


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