Family time


My parents arrive in Geneva today! I am so excited to share my Swiss world with them, as well as some travel through Chamonix-Mont Blanc and Piedmont, Italy. Seven days of family time.

The last time we were in Europe together I was a 20-year-old college student trying to figure out if I belonged at the kids’ table or the adults’. I love having passed that phase in life and now treating my parents as though they are two old friends. (Well, friends who worry an inordinate amount about my safety and health.) Still, this feels like a perfect time in all of our lives to travel together. I’m looking forward to showing them around my neighborhood, taking them hiking in the French Alps and mulling over long dinners at home.

The blog will suffer a bit. Bear with me.

Meanwhile, I hope you have a scrumptious weekend. A few links to get you to the finish line:


One thought on “Family time

  1. It was such a memorable stay with you and Bryce. Thank you for showing us so many special places and organizing many memorable experiences.

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