My favorite souvenir from Greece


I went to Greece with plans to shop, since the country is more affordable than Switzerland. And I did bring home a few special things (like an olive wood cutting board and a gold necklace), but my most cherished souvenir was completely free–the pebbles I collected on Firiplaka Beach.



We found Firiplaka beach on accident while driving around Milos Island. We saw a line of cars parked on a cliff, so we peered over the edge and saw what looked like a tropical paradise. Although one has to hike to reach it, the beach is clearly a locals’ favorite. Perhaps, because of its dramatic beauty.

Steep, brightly-colored volcanic ash rock crumble into the shallow, turquoise ocean where bikini-clad snorkelers troll for tropical fish. A tiny island bar, covered in palm fronds, serves Coronas and fresh fruit. The beach feels more like Hawaii than the Greece I had imagined.


We spent the whole day there–sunning, swimming, reading and walking along the shore. Except I couldn’t walk more than four feet without bending over to pick a bright pink, yellow or purple pebble. The beach was positively candy-colored. With both hands full of pebbles and a pile growing on my towel, my husband asked me “Umm, what’s the plan here?”

I hadn’t intended on adding two pounds of rocks to my backpack (with one week left of our trip), but I couldn’t bear to leave my collection. So, I chose my favorites and lugged them home.

No regrets. I love sorting them, holding them and remembering my favorite day in Greece.




Do you have an unusual souvenir from a trip? I’m not usually one for trinkets that don’t have a clear purpose –miniature spoon collections and the like–but I love these pebbles. I hope you are reminiscing this week about a day in the sunshine…but for now, a few links:


3 thoughts on “My favorite souvenir from Greece

  1. Paige,

    I did the same thing when I was in Croatia. I collected these little tiny baby sized sea shells off the beach. I love them. I planned to decorate a pair of thongs with them, but unfortunately have yet to do that! Every once in awhile I open the bag in my closet and look at them. Someday I’m going to find those thongs or picture frame and decorate it. Then I will be able to show the shells off and tell my friends the shells came all the way from Croatia about 10 years ago. LOL!!!

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