The lifetime guarantee

I recently came across an online store with an amazing concept: Every product for sale is meant to last a lifetime!‘s mission is to “throw away our throwaway culture…products that don’t break the bank, don’t break the planet… that don’t break at all!”

I love it. Less stuff, better stuff. Shouldn’t we strive to always shop this way?

download (1).jpeg

I was happy to discover that I already own a few of BuyMeOnce’s approved products, such as Le Creuset cookware. I 100% agree that this stuff lasts a lifetime and looks good while doing it.


I’ve almost purchased a Mason Pearson hair brush a few times, but been deterred by the price tag. Now I realize I’ve probably spent as much on the various brushes I’ve bought over the years. I already own a Mason Pearson comb and love it.


I used to lose an umbrella every time it rained, but somehow I’ve had the same polka-dotted one with a broken arm for the past three years. It’s time to upgrade: The Davek Umbrella.


Most of the shoes on BuyMeOnce are heavy work boots–not really my style–but wow, I would love to own these L.K. Bennett Tabby Shearling Boots… and wear them the rest of my life!


Tabby Shearling Knee High Boot.jpg

BuyMeOnce also has the sweetest wooden toys if you’re looking for a special gift. These toys promise to become heirlooms that will be handed down in future generations.


Unsurprisingly the shop isn’t extensive since not many manufacturers make lifetime guarantees. The BuyMeOnce founders hope that their website will “challenge manufacturers to break their habits and build stuff that really lasts.”

Currently, BuyMeOnce is holding an open design challenge to create a little black dress to last a lifetime. The dress should be flattering, timeless and last someone 60+ years of once-a-week wear. I don’t know what this hypothetical dress looks like and I’m ready to order it already!

What do you think of the concept? Do you have products that you swear by? I hope your week is full of memories that will last a lifetime…but for now, a few links:

One thought on “The lifetime guarantee

  1. This is great! And I agree, ready to purchase that dress when it becomes available. Ever since I watched The True Cost I have been much more responsible about my purchasing habits. It really does make you think twice about what fast fashion and mindless consumerism can do to a culture.

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