Three years ago…

…we got married.Bryce and Paige's Wedding 587

It was a cold, clear day in Washington D.C.

I was deliriously happy. Like ridiculously, my-cheeks-hurt-I’m-smiling-too-much happy. My mother, sister and sisters-in-law helped me get ready, but there wasn’t as much to do as I imagined. I spent a lot of time in my robe looking out the window to spy on guests. Those before ceremony moments felt like what I imagine it is like backstage before the curtain goes up–except this time I was the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Bryce and Paige's Wedding 144.jpgBryce and Paige's Wedding 213.jpg

We opted to take portraits before the ceremony at our reception venue, the centuries-old Cosmos Club. With famed writers, explorers and diplomats among its members, we felt it would be hallowed ground for two journalists getting married.

2013.02.08_HillBaschuk__WEDDING_FINAL-382Bryce and Paige's Wedding 345Bryce and Paige's Wedding 538.jpgBryce and Paige's Wedding 661.jpgBryce and Paige's Wedding 002.jpg2013.02.08_HillBaschuk__WEDDING_FINAL-732.jpg2013.02.08_HillBaschuk__WEDDING_FINAL-804.jpg

We got married at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Georgetown with our beloved minister officiating, our siblings standing with us at the altar and my best friend reading a favorite poem. My most treasured part of the ceremony was when family members and friends stood up in their pews to give us 11 different marriage blessings–for wisdom when we need it, for devotion to each other, even for peace when we disagree. It was in that moment I felt that our marriage was not just the two of us; we have the support of our whole community.

There were stressful moments during the planning process when I considered eloping and getting married barefoot on an island somewhere…but in that moment, I realized why we stand up in front of our loved ones to say our vows. We’re in this together.

Bryce and Paige's Wedding 833.jpgBryce and Paige's Wedding 838.jpgBryce and Paige's Wedding 889.jpgBryce and Paige's Wedding 918.jpgBryce and Paige's Wedding 943.jpg

Right after the ceremony there was a rush of adrenaline amongst the wedding party. We started dancing around and chanting “We did it! We did it!” Well, only of two of us actually did it, but the feeling was infectious!

Bryce and Paige's Wedding 944.jpgBryce and Paige's Wedding 945.jpg

The dinner was lovely, especially my dad’s toast in which he revealed a secret test he conducted the first time I brought Bryce home to California. We were having a dinner picnic on the beach in Monterey when my dad asked Bryce to start a bonfire–except he gave Bryce only two matches. The wind was howling and the waves were crashing. By the time my dad revealed Bryce got the fire started with one match and returned the other to him, the room erupted in cheers. Go Bryce!

Bryce and Paige's Wedding 1397

I had really been looking forward to the dancing part of the night. I love any excuse to have a good, old-fashioned dance party and had spent a good deal of time pouring over our band‘s set list. When we finally got the nod that it was time for our first dance (our song), we were ready to let loose. I think everyone else was, too…

Bryce and Paige's Wedding 1172.jpgBryce and Paige's Wedding 1388.jpgBryce and Paige's Wedding 1526.jpgBryce and Paige's Wedding 1463.jpgBryce and Paige's Wedding 1582Bryce and Paige's Wedding 1578.jpgBryce and Paige's Wedding 1336.jpgBryce and Paige's Wedding 1341Bryce and Paige's Wedding 1595.jpgBryce and Paige's Wedding 1599.jpg

I hope your Valentine’s weekend is sweet. It will always be a special time of year for us. A few links for your long weekend:


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