Worth the Trip: Bar Luce in Milan




The title of this post should really be “Worth the Trip? Bar Luce” since I haven’t visited Wes Anderson’s Milan-based cafe yet…but I am going to next week! I’ve had the filmmaker’s restaurant earmarked since it opened last spring, but couldn’t justify taking a four-hour train just to order cappuccino and pretend I’m Margot Tennenbaum.

(I did dress up as her for a high school Halloween party, but no one knew who I was.)

My husband has a work conference in Milan, so now I have an excuse to go. Bring on the kitsch!






Do you have Milan recommendations? We’ll be there for five days and my head is swirling with visions of pizza milanese, neoclassical architecture and gleaming storefronts. I hope you’re enjoying a little pink in your life today…but for now, a few links:

Images via here.


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