Travel cravings: Paris



The best aspect of living in central Europe is our access to a multitude of other destinations. We love Switzerland, but we really love traveling outside of our Alpine nation. Living here has given us the ability to see many countries I did not believe I’d ever visit (such as Morocco and Croatia), as well as returning again and again to places that ought to be once-in-a-lifetime trips.

Places like Paris, with whom I’ve had a lifelong love affair.




About once a month I have an intense craving for Paris–kind of like getting a hankering for your favorite take-out–except that it is much more complicated to satisfy. Today is that day.

A three-hour train ride is the only thing that lies between us and Paris, which makes booking said train ticket awfully tempting. I keep finding myself on the train’s website, unaware how I got there and why my credit card is in hand…but, I’m always too level-headed to follow through.

One of these days I’m going to let myself run away to Paris.

For now, I can look through my photos, watch my favorite Parisian movie and daydream.


I hope you’re not being too sensible this week…meanwhile a few links on my favorite city:


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