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We moved into our apartment five months ago, but only in the past two weeks have I been “full steam ahead” on decorating. I’ve moved so slowly because we’re on a tight budget, yet I have a palate for higher-end furnishings (thanks to my professional interior designer mother). At some point I had to stop scouring Lonny and start working with what I’ve got. But I kept getting stuck when it came to choosing artwork.

I’m a big fan of Slim Aarons’ cheeky photos, but every time I was ready to pull the trigger on an expensive print my husband would ask me why I wasn’t printing one of my photographs instead..? Well, let’s see. I’m not a fantastic photographer and I use a point-and-shoot camera.

That said, there are a few photos I’m semi-proud of and one is this moment I caught at Le Bonaparte in Paris. The shirtless man in the upstairs window gets me every time!


After contacting to see if they ship to Switzerland, I finally, cautiously ordered a blown-up print of the photo in their biggest frame. I actually closed my eyes when I hit the “order” button I was so worried I might be making a big mistake.

The process at was incredibly easy and affordable. The employees sharpened the image some and played with the colors. The matting and framing looks fantastic–and the piece arrived within seven days! I doubt anyone will be asking me if it’s a Mario Testino, but it is the perfect piece for our current Swiss apartment.

With a little styling, it is starting to feel more and more like home.

IMG_7610.jpgIMG_7611.jpgIMG_7596.jpgI have some confidence issues when it comes to putting my work on display, so this was a big step for me. Even as a writer I am often so humbled by others’ work that I begin to believe my voice isn’t good enough to be published. I don’t have that annoying self-assuredness that drives so many millennials to reality television stardom!

What about you? What would you send to Meanwhile, a few links:


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