On the road


Last night we returned from a two-week trip across Europe with my husband’s parents. We saw four countries by way of planes, trains and automobiles. We took in art in Paris, the Alps in Switzerland, the Mediterranean in Nice and quite a bit of pasta in Italy. It was both exhilarating and exhausting, but the best part was being with our family.

Want to hear something crazy? We’re leaving tomorrow for two weeks in Thailand! I remember thinking this was a little nuts when we booked it, but I’m not complaining. To see Thailand has been a dream of mine for so long, I’m not even sure when it began. My husband claims I mentioned it on our first date! Suffice to say, I’m excited.

Anyway, I apologize for the lack of posts recently. I’m still combing through photos of our European road trip, but I thought I’d share this one taken in Neive. The grapes were just days away from being harvested to make some seriously mouth-watering Barbera wine.

And if you have any Thailand recommendations, please send them along…meanwhile, a few fun links for today:


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