Where do you find travel inspiration?





I usually get inspired to travel to a new place after reading an interesting article on it. I am a nerdy kind of traveler who likes to know the complete history before stepping foot in a city. You know, so I can rattle off WWII statistics over brunch. I’m charming that way.

I can say, without a doubt, I’ve never been inspired to visit a place based on a catalog.

Until now.

J. Crew this week released shots from their fall line–taken all over Amsterdam. The photos feel casual and off-center; somewhat as if they were taken for Instagram. All they need is an overhead shot of some Dutch pancakes! #yummy

Instead of being inspired to buy a sweater, the images inspired me to plan a trip back to Amsterdam. We visited in 2015 for their national holiday and had a blast, but have been meaning to return during a less-touristy time. Luckily, my husband has work in Brussels at the end of this week and a quick Google search revealed Amsterdam is less than two hours by train from Brussels. It feels meant to be!

(As for J. Crew’s clothing, I’m still a fan because they ship to Switzerland tax-free.)


5 thoughts on “Where do you find travel inspiration?

  1. Hi, Just wanted to introduce myself & tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Your Mother -in-law & I have a mutual friend, Jill Regan. The most wonderful lady!! Jill got me to sign up for your blog. I LOVE to travel so reading all your entries is so wonderful! I am always thinking about planning a trip! Thank you!! All the best, Kathleen Winter

    1. Hi Kathleen, Thank you very much for the thoughtful note! We are so lucky to be living in Europe and are trying to soak up as much as we can, for as long as we can. I’m always open to travel recommendations if you have any. And Jill is definitely one of my most loyal readers! Bryce and I are so fortunate to have the Regans in our lives! All the best, P

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