Travel find of the week: Mini steam iron

About two weeks ago my husband and I took a quick trip to Brussels (and Amsterdam) where he had to attend a business conference. When he opened his suitcase in Brussels, I heard a familiar groan. Uh-oh. Did a pen explode? Shampoo everywhere? Nope. Just one pant leg of his only suit had become so wrinkled in transit that it looked like he had been caught in a natural disaster. Despite trying every folding method in the book, this was far from the first time it had happened.

I resolved to find a solution…and here it is: Steamfast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron.



I know it’s not the sexiest travel gadget around, but it is so tiny! It weighs less than one pound and costs only $30. The more than 1,000 reviews it has received are overwhelmingly positive. Do you have any packing tips? I’m always game to try something new. Meanwhile, some packing tips from the experts, such as:




One thought on “Travel find of the week: Mini steam iron

  1. I just found your blog and think it’s so great! I love to read about other people’s adventures and travels and the things they see! I love your insights! Looking forward to reading more! 😊

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