Contest: Spend the night at Abbey Road Studios


If you are like me–not a child of the 60’s, but the daughter of a child of the 60’s–then The Beatles’ music holds a big place in your heart. When I close my eyes and listen to “Here Comes the Sun” I’m 16 and driving around town. “If I Needed Someone” and I’m nursing my first heartbreak in my childhood bedroom. “The Word” and I’m off at college celebrating the end of exams. Even if I can’t take a time machine back 50 years and catch the Fab Four in concert, there are other ways I can feed my Beatles’ infatuation. For example, I can spend the night in Abbey Road Studios.

Until midnight tonight (October 6), you can enter Airbnb’s contest for four people to spend two nights at Abbey Road Studios for free (including airfare)! And you won’t just be sleeping on hallowed ground; you’ll be allowed to play the same instruments that The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Adele and Amy Winehouse have played…when you record your own track with music producer Mark Ronson at the studio!

Interested? Go to and sign up for an account if you don’t already have one. Enter the contest by writing a 100-150 word explanation of which song you would have liked to witness being recorded at the studio. Good luck!



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