What are you drinking this summer?

Being a Californian, I thought no cocktail could take the place of a salty, lime margarita on a hot summer’s day. And then I moved to Europe and met the Aperol Spritz.

Oh, hello…


The Italian aperitif has a bitter orange flavor that is not for kids. Not that alcohol is for kids at all… anyway, you know what I mean. This is a grown-up drink. No umbrellas please. The recipe is as follows:

  • 3 parts prosecco
  • 2 parts Aperol
  • 1 splash of soda water

This cocktail is refreshing and unpretentious–perfect with a pizza and jean shorts.  Most importantly, that punchy orange color looks great in a photo.


Not convinced? Here are a few more links on my favorite summer drink:

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How to make Aperol Spritz for a crowd

All photos are courtesy of @aperolusa instagram. It’s a fun account to follow, but be warned–you will want to drink an Aperol Spritz every day!


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