Travel rewind: Antiparos, Greece


My post last week about how to backpack through Greece got me reminiscing about one of our favorite islands: Antiparos. Paros’ little sister island, Antiparos is a short ferry ride from the bigger, more well-known island. Antiparos offers everything Paros does, but on a quieter, more low-key scale. All of the white-washed, bougainvillea-covered Greece you want to sigh over and none of the tourists (perhaps why there is also a nudist beach there!). In a word, it is charming.

What are you up to this weekend? We’re flying to the U.S. and I’m wondering how it is going to be with a much more “talkative” baby on the flight. Wish us luck! Here are few fun links for your weekend:

These fish tacos are the kind I have dreams about

I’m earmarking these parenting tips for years to come…

this parenting note also brightened my day

The top 100 hotels of the year (we stayed at #57 on our honeymoon)

I’m a big fan of this company and now its backstory, too

I want to have summer hair year-round!

How to mentally ‘cool down’ on a hot day

Have you been to one of the most-instagrammed vacation spots?


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