On making travel ‘mistakes’


The other night my family was sharing stories of “travel mistakes.” You know the ones: Taking the wrong train, losing plane tickets, forgetting to pack underwear. How you handle these short, panicked moments say a lot about you as a traveler — and I believe — you as a person. Moreover, they make for the funniest stories to share years later.

The best travel mistake I’ve made is getting off a Greek ferry one stop too early to discover that I may be stranded there for days. (Read about it if you want to feel better about your travel blunders!).

What mistakes have you made? More importantly, how did you cope with them? Every day I have to remind myself to take a deep breath and relax. If it is not “life and death,” then it is not worth my stress. Easier said than done, but I’m working on it.

Meanwhile, here are a few fun links for what is a rainy Tuesday in North Carolina:

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2 thoughts on “On making travel ‘mistakes’

  1. Oh wow that sounds like an adventure! I’ve missed a few trains here and there, and had luggage lost but nothing to catastrophic. My husband missed his flight once due to forgetting to reset his watch to the new time zone in the airport which resulted in an extra day in the Atlanta airport.

  2. Oh man, the time zone thing… I’m sure it felt catastrophic in the moment, but I bet your husband will never make that mistake again! We are much better travelers today because of the many many many mistakes we’ve made along the way, so I try to embrace them.

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