Have you ever experienced travel burnout?


You’re probably thinking “first world problems,” right? Well, I’m not talking about being sick of flying or going to Paris or seeing new, exciting things. I’m talking about actually getting sick after traveling just too much.

We returned to Switzerland on Thursday after a one-month stay in the United States. We weren’t visiting new places or even staying in hotels. Our only goal was to get the baby to meet as many family members and friends as possible while he is at this sweet, precious age. Our goal was simple and we’ll treasure the memories from the trip, but our execution may have been a little too ambitious for a five-month-old. We took four flights, five road trips, and hit five states spanning time zones across nine hours.

By the time we boarded our flight back to Geneva, the baby said “enough!”

He cried for two hours straight and refused to sleep anywhere but in our arms for the three days following. Talk about parenting guilt — oof! To make matters more interesting, we all came down with nasty colds. So we’ve been trying to slow down, not think about the growing laundry pile and recuperate. How have you been?

We binged this British home show through the weekend

This simple soup recipe warmed us from the inside out

Do you live near water? Maybe you should.

I’m reclaiming “me time”

This sweater looks like something I’d wear all fall

Image via A Cup of Jo


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