Have a cozy weekend


The sky is overcast, the trees are ablaze with color and I’m craving my favorite bowl of chili. I didn’t realize how much I love autumn until I moved to Switzerland. That’s one thing Southern California just doesn’t get right. I may be wishing for California sunshine the rest of the year, but not when it’s October in Geneva. I’m happy right where I am, thank you.

Here’s to a cozy weekend wherever you are…. meanwhile, a few links to get you there:

Do you have an ear for languages? Test your skills.

The coolest bars around the world (we went to #2!)

These are the hot shoes for fall

The best-selling travel gear on Amazon

Share this with the new mothers in your world 

No more monsters under the bed…

Everyone is talking about this article (go Lupita!)

In case you missed it: Our trip to Grindelwald



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