On fall travel

I’m in the process of preparing for our next international trip, which means I’m eating, sleeping and breathing Vienna. Mozart. Klimt. Schnitzel. Strudel!

Suffice to say, I truly relish preparing for a trip. I plan out every detail — how we’ll get from the airport, what museums we’ll see, where we’ll have lunch and what I’ll wear every day. It is admittedly OCD. I know we won’t stick to the plan. I know something will go wrong, but I can’t help myself. I love doing it.

Could travel planning be a hobby? I’m pretty sure it’s mine.


I realize planning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, which is why I’ve happily been doing it for friends and family for years. Recently, I helped a travel company organize a group trip to Switzerland for a fee. “Working” for them was pure joy, which got me thinking I should offer these services to my readers.

Introducing: Travel Planning Services.

These are not old school travel agent services, but rather the kind of travel planning services I would have loved to have when we first moved to Europe. For example, “Where can I travel for one week in November on a budget of $700?” Or “How should I pack for two weeks in Greece?” Or “What are the most stroller-friendly places in Paris?” Or “What are the non-touristy museums in Florence?”

I can provide suggested daily itineraries and personalized maps of your location. Museum passes, event tickets, packing lists, flights, lodging and restaurant reservations. I can price out a trip to Europe if you simply want to see what that would cost.

I offer a variety of services for all budgets. Really.

Contact me if you would like to learn more.


Don’t worry, I’ll keep writing and traveling whether I ever am hired again. It’s my happy place. I hope you’re enjoying a calm week wherever you are… for now, a few links:

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