On a new year

Last year was one for the books.

Not necessarily travel-wise, but a big year for our family with the arrival of our son. As a result, I wrote much less than I have in years past. I’m sorry! I could make the excuse that I’m busy being a parent because I am; but, it would be more accurate to say I’m completely enraptured by being a parent. I’ve been too caught up in bottles, baby food and making stuffed animals “talk” to brainstorm blog posts or Instagram exciting travel destinations. Even after the baby has gone to bed and I reach for a book on my nightstand, it is one from a growing stack of parenting books. It is a wonderful, all-consuming phase in life, but I’m so looking forward to using my brain in 2018 for more than baby baby baby.

I hope you’ll join me.

Meanwhile, a few links to energize your weekend and your new year:

The destination that is at the top of my 2018 travel list

And the destination I’m hoping to return to in 2018

Why I’m making time this year for an all-female getaway

And the best destinations for solo, female travelers

The easy cocktail I’ll be pouring all year

My approach to New Year’s resolutions

My favorite place we visited in 2017

Also: My most-read blog post of 2017

Photo from our trip to Vienna


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