Hop Suisse! Hopp Schwiiz! Forza Svizzera!


…or Happy Swiss National Day from Geneva! August 1 marks the anniversary of when the Swiss Federal Charter was signed in 1291 bringing together “three Alpine cantons [who] swore the oath of confederation.” That charter is also why Switzerland’s actual country name is the Confederation Helvetique or simply “CH.”

All over Switzerland today you will find unique celebrations, such as farm brunches, alphorn concerts, yodeling, raclette and fireworks. Are you in Switzerland? How are you going to celebrate? We’ll be wandering our our favorite park and hopefully catching some fireworks in the evening. (Follow along via my Instagram stories.)

And for a virtual celebration, today I’m sharing some of my favorite photos of the country I currently call home.

IMG_1870-1img_8571IMG_4912IMG_3427IMG_3474IMG_3319img_159720160216_15483920160216_12221920160216_123558Consider adding some Swiss cheese to your sandwich today or picking up my favorite Swiss chocolate bar, the Lindt’s Touch of Sea Salt. Meanwhile, here are some of my favorite posts about living in Switzerland:

What it’s like living in the ‘World’s Best Country’

Quintessential Switzerland: Grindelwald

How I traced my Swiss roots

On the differences between Switzerland and the U.S.

Why I’ll never become a Swiss citizen


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