Have a peaceful weekend

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My son and I are hopping on a train to Zurich this afternoon, where we’ll meet my husband for the weekend. Somehow we’ve lived in Switzerland for nearly five years without ever having visited the country’s largest city! We’re headed to the Zurich zoo tomorrow and hope we can practice our Schweizerdeutsch (Swiss-German). If you have any recommendations for Zurich, please send them along.

I have an arsenal of stickers, toy cars and Peppa Pig episodes for the ride. I can’t remember the last time I packed a novel for myself (le sigh!), but I’ll be sure to enjoy the Swiss scenery as it unfolds outside our window. It’s truly the best way to travel around here.

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One thought on “Have a peaceful weekend

  1. Maura and I are sitting at the Hyundai dealership on Rockville Pike waiting for our car and me reading your blog out loud for the benefit and entertainment of our waiting room neighbors. How was the Zurich Zoo?

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