This week I am…

My Saturday: Wandering through Annecy’s Old Town.

…scrolling through photos from a day trip to Annecy, France. Fantastic travel article on Annecy.

…in Prague! We impulsively booked a trip after finding inexpensive flights on this site.

…using these tips for making my perfume last all day while I’m traveling (never rub it in!)

…seriously considering ordering these personalized gifts for my pet-obsessed friends.

…still reeling from the Alpine airplane tragedy (an excellent article on what we can take away).

…looking for simple gold earrings so I’ll look a little polished while hiking the Alps this summer.

…mesmerized by this animated cooking site. Computer people, do you know how to do that?

Post on adorable (albeit hilly) Annecy coming this week.

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