Freckle face


The other day I came across the funniest beauty how to: an article detailing how to draw on fake freckles! I must be way out of the loop because the more I researched, the more I found that this has been a major trend over the past year. Some evidence:

Do you draw on freckles? Would you?

As a freckle-faced girl myself, I find this trend both hilarious and disorienting.  It took me a long time to embrace my freckles, because I spent my teen years believing that freckles were something to be covered up. By the time I’d become proficient with makeup, I didn’t want to cover them up. I finally realized my freckles are special.

It also didn’t hurt that I had found a few freckle-faced beauty role models:

Gisele Bunchden
Lucy Liu
Alexis Bledel
Emma Watson
Emma Watson

I love my freckles today because they remind me of summertime, sunshine and youth. They are also one of the few things that distinguish me from my sister–since people mistake us for twins.

I’m secretly hoping to pass the freckle gene onto my children…someday. For now, a few more links on freckles:

My freckles on display.
My freckles on display.

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