Camping 101: Travel water bottles

I’m on a camping kick this week… Check out this post on packing for an overnight in the wild.

evian-reverse-mountain-small-77268Since we live just down the road from Evian, France–the source of the world’s fanciest bottled water–we can fill reusable water bottles any time with the good stuff out of public drinking fountains. I’ve been pathetically re-using an old Orangina bottle for a long time and am due for a serious upgrade. Also, there may be health risks associated with continually drinking out of a plastic bottle (links below on that). A few of my favorite alternatives:

Klean Kanteen has great reviews and promises to keep drinks cold for 24 hours:

Klean Kanteen ($27)

Klean Kanteen ($27)

Sigg is a popular Swiss brand and this Alpine design is too cute:

Vapur has got to be the best travel option with its foldable design:

Designed by former Apple engineers, the Clean Bottle promises to be the most hygienic:

Clean Bottle ($45)

Clean Bottle ($45)

Vargo claims its titanium bottle is the most durable–you can use it to boil water over a campfire:

Although the heaviest, the glass Lifefactory Bottle is supposedly the most ecoconscious option:

Lifefactory ($25)

Lifefactory ($25)

The Grayl Filtration System filters water instantly with a French Press-like process:

The MSR HyperFlow micro filter makes any water drinkable–with or without a bottle:

Which one is your favorite? I’m partial to the foldable Vapur bottle, though the Sigg boasts the most fun designs. My husband owns the MSR water filtration system and is excited to use it when we camp this weekend. No matter how you do it, drink your H20!

And if you’re still wondering where we stand on the whole BPA/BPA-free plastic controversy, here are a few articles to enlighten (or confuse) you:


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