I want to go camping there…

I’m discussing camping this week…check out my post on packing and the best H20 gear.

Big Sur

Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California.


Big Sur is my favorite place in the world and I’ve been lucky enough to visit many times, but I’ve never camped there. And what Treebones offers goes far beyond camping.

Even their basic campsites are perched on the edge of the world, with front row seats to the Pacific Ocean and Redwood Forest. Campers can also rent safari tents (pictured above on the right), but their Mongolian-style yurts are the most popular forms of lodging.

yurt-exteriorCan you imagine watching sunsets from here? Inside, the yurts boast queen beds, handmade quilts, fireplaces, sofas and running water.


For those wishing to get closer to nature, Treebones also offers these one-of-a-kind nests.


No one is truly “roughing it” here since all guests have access to modern showers, a swimming pool, hot tub, yoga classes, hiking, kayaks, massages and two gourmet restaurants. Hippie chic.

Big Sur 2011


At least stop by Treebones’ Oceanview Sushi Bar if you are through Big Sur–no tent required.

As far as packing, I’m thinking:

Vince Camuto ($39) http://bit.ly/1LbBVfe
Vince Camuto ($39) http://bit.ly/1LbBVfe
Zara ($49) http://bit.ly/1F1TpqE
Zara ($49) http://bit.ly/1F1TpqE
Madewell ($158) http://bit.ly/1R3FXdt
Madewell ($158) http://bit.ly/1R3FXdt
Asos ($118) http://bit.ly/1F25RGW
Asos ($118) http://bit.ly/1F25RGW
iPhone case ($48) http://bit.ly/1K1owpM
iPhone case ($48) http://bit.ly/1K1owpM

I hope I’ve inspired you to go on a camping trip (or at least a picnic!). Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy these links on my favorite place on California’s coast:

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