Ciao! Off to Italy…


After finally carving out a few vacation days with my husband, we’ve made plans to head south. Our dream Italy vacation would include hiking the Dolomites and relaxing in Cinque Terre, but with just a handful of days we’ve decided to focus on the Piedmont region south of Geneva. We’re headed to Aosta in the Italian Alps, and then down to the vineyards of Barolo, Barbero and Barbaresco. (Not confusing at all!). Since my husband loves big Italian reds, he’ll be in heaven.

We’ve rented a tiny Italian car and got a big folding map…so, we’re equipped to look like total American tourists. In our wildest dreams, we look like this. Wish us luck!

I hope you are off to a lovely weekend…but for now, a few links:

(image by La Boca)


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