I want to go to there…


…the Italian Riviera. Now that I’ve been to the French Riviera (and I’m smitten), I’d like to visit the Italian stretch of dramatic coastline where the Maritime Alps meet the Mediterranean Sea.


It seems that while the French Riviera attracted the great writers of the 1920s like F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Italian Riviera had all the hype in the 1820s. This colorful northwestern part of Italy has attracted writers such as Lord Byron, Percy Shelley and his wife Mary Shelley. They stayed in Lerici Bay so often that it was renamed “The Gulf of Poets.” (In fact, Percy drowned swimming here). Of course, there are many more reasons to visit this part of the world beyond seeing where Frankenstein’s creator liked to summer.


If you have time, visit all of the Riviera. Otherwise, choose between the eastern side–for scenery and glamour–or the western side–for beaches and swimming. It is highly recommended to stay in San Remo (which is almost on the border of France it is so far west), considered the best of both worlds. I’d probably fly in and out of the port city Genoa and venture out to different areas. Genoa’s architecture is reason enough to make a trip. Outstanding cuisine is the second reason.


Or take the train an hour east to the picturesque and tranquil fishing village of Vernazza.


Now usually I’m one to rent an apartment or camp to see expensive, beautiful places, but I don’t think I could venture to Vernazza without spending the night in La Malà Hotel. The serene, all-white interiors are the perfect compliment to the water views and stone walls the ocean hugs.



As far as packing for a place with such a colorful coast, I’m thinking clean lines and neutrals:

A9113_WN2294Madewell Panama Hat


Zara Sleeveless Dressb40c74065c1d9d992f298d26dead2354

Marysia Mott Swimsuit


K. Jacques Sandals (worn them every day this summer!)_8627897

Mar y Sol Caracas Beach Bag

Novel that takes place on Italy's Riviera

Novel that takes place on Italy’s Riviera

Wishing you sun-drenched travel wanderlust for the weekend…but for now, a few links:


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