Les Filles Françaises v. American Girls

This is the funniest and most accurate portrayal of how French girls and American girls differ (and how we are secretly alike). I was laughing out loud. Enjoy!

I like how the American character is always wearing sunglasses. I am totally guilty!

I have long been obsessed with French style like many American women, but I’ve since come to realize that the trans-Atlantic fascination works both ways. I see French girls emulating what is clearly American style all over Paris and Geneva–from American collegiate sweatshirts (not all of them could have studied abroad at Harvard) to American flag emblems on everything. When our Parisian friends visited California in the 90s, their #1 stop was to buy denim at The Gap and high-top Converse sneakers–what’s more American than that?

I hope you are enjoying a stylish day…but for now, a few links:


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