2015 travel moment: Lunch on Mykonos


We’ve traveled to ten countries in the last twelve months. Ten! (Sometimes I wonder how we accomplished anything else.) When I reflect on everything we saw in 2015, my mind doesn’t wander to the landmarks or museums we visited. My mind goes to the rainy afternoon at a Parisian cafe. The sunrise we saw in Croatia. The mint tea we drank in Marrakech. And one lunch we had on Mykonos Island.

Kiki’s Taverna doesn’t have an address, a website or reservations. We heard about Kiki’s through word of mouth and found it by asking locals for directions. We’d been warned that there would be a line to get in, but that the wait would be worth it. There was and it was.



Under the shade of an olive tree we ate grilled fish and eggplant salad. Cold beer and warm baklava. We watched the August breeze ruffle the purple oleander blossoms and bathing suit-clad kids play in the turquoise water. We smiled in contented silence. We were at peace.



I hope today you are reflecting on some quiet moments from 2015…but for now, a few links:


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