Restaurants on the Road: Do you play favorites?


When we were in Cannes this past weekend we did a lot of things differently from how we usually travel–due mostly to the fact that I simply did not want to plan anything.  I usually love planning, but for my birthday I wanted to relax and kind of see where the weekend took us. IMG_4139

The weekend unfolded beautifully with surprises around every corner. The turn from apocalyptic to gorgeous weather was our first surprise and finding the best seafood restaurant I’ve ever been to was the second.

Coquillages Brun is one of those no-fuss-just-great-food restaurants you come across a handful of times in your life. No reservations, no table cloths, no trendy dishes. Fresh seafood and friendly service. A locals’ favorite. We couldn’t be happier that we stumbled upon this place on the eve of my 30th birthday without really trying…

IMG_4062…and then again on my actual birthday. We ate at the same restaurant both nights in Cannes!

Is that crazy? After a perfect dinner Saturday night and talking about the out-of-this-world oysters all day Sunday, we both knew what the other was thinking. Accept it as a gift from the oyster gods and return.

How funny is their receipt?
How funny is their receipt?

Would you return to the same place twice on a weekend trip? We went to the same sushi place twice on our Costa Rican honeymoon and we still talk about going back.

We generally are very adventuresome eaters, but I guess we’ve traveled enough to know when we’ve come across something special…or maybe we are looking for some sense of familiarity as we travel the world. Our place. Our cafe. I certainly feel that way about certain restaurants in my hometown and I am just starting to feel that way about a few places in Geneva.

Wishing you good surprises throughout your week…but for now, a few links:


6 thoughts on “Restaurants on the Road: Do you play favorites?

  1. oh wow, such a beautiful location and the seafood on ice looks fantastic. i would love to try it myself right now too.
    so vibrant with the orange-pinkish shrimps and yellow lemon.YUM

  2. Yes, we definitely return to the same places during a single trip.
    We have favorite spots in Istanbul, Santorini, Rome, Buenos Aires, Cadaques and Hondarribia, Spain and of course Paris. I love the pleasure of being greeted as a returning guest. Bon appetit and happy belated birthday!

  3. Yes! Adam and I were just talking about this because we did this in Reykjavik and in Strasbourg, though they were both bars. It’s nice to go back somewhere and know what you want and know that it will be good. It makes you feel–for the tiniest moment–like a local.

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