On a new year


I don’t know what is going on with you, but I’m really happy to have officially entered a new year. No matter where your political beliefs lie, 2016 was tough. More than tough. Uncomfortable. Unbearable. Almost unendurable. Well, the last nine weeks of 2016 were all of those things. Which, coincidentally, is about how long we have until our sweet, expat baby arrives in March!

Looking at the calendar in these terms helps me realize how much your world can change in nine weeks (and how unprepared we are for this baby…).

Despite staring down the longest “To Do” list I’ve ever written, I have many posts planned between now and when the baby arrives. I’m ready to write, I’m ready to share and I hope you will join me.

Happy 2017.

Meanwhile, enjoy some of the highlights from 2016:


2 thoughts on “On a new year

  1. Very happy to have seen you in 2016! Really excited for your 2017 adventures with your baby! You are going to LOVE BEING A MOM! Xoxo Lori

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