When The Bachelorette comes to town

Geneva! On The Bachelorette! I was floored to see my city as the backdrop of the latest episode. Either the rumor mill isn’t very active in Geneva or I’ve been too preoccupied, because I didn’t hear a word about Rachel filming in Geneva. Anyway, the episode opens with aerial scenes of Geneva. The Jet d’Eau. Cathédrale Saint Pierre. The United Nations. Old Town. And the city could not look better…

“This is an expensive city; this is a luxurious city,” Bachelorette Rachel says at the beginning of one of her dates. True, Rachel. That is why we don’t attract as many backpackers and college students as other European cities. Geneva simply isn’t affordable! I was happy to see that the the t.v. show didn’t shy away from the pricey reality. Rachel and her date drive around town in a Bentley convertible, drink champagne on a boat and go watch shopping.

“This is a city to fall in love in and I am 100% falling in love…” Rachel says at another point. And watching the episode–the strolls through cobblestoned Old Town and moonlit kisses by the lake–I was feeling the same way. Geneva is romantic. Geneva is charming. Why did it take a silly show like The Bachelorette to remind me what a beautiful city I live in? I am quick to complain about all the annoyances of everyday life in Switzerland, I’m thankful I tuned in to the ridiculous-yet-addictive reality show.

Did you watch? What did you think? Are you ready to fly to Geneva?

Meanwhile, a few links for your week:

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