Camping in Switzerland: The Bernese Oberland


We camped Saturday night under a waterfall just outside of Lauterbrunnen and it was one of the most incredible places I’ve ever pitched a tent. Although my husband would prefer to camp completely in the wild–to simply find a clearing somewhere–I asked him to reserve a space in an official campground since I was worried Swiss laws may prevent us from wild camping.

(For example, did you know Ireland has strict laws regarding “wild camping”?)
IMG_3299Where we stayed was hands down one of the fanciest campgrounds I’ve ever been to–including a fantastic restaurant, grocery store, laundry room, kitchen facilities and even an ATM. Yes, an ATM. Can you say stereotypical Swiss?

We could have lived there for weeks without giving up many creature comforts (the bar even makes Moscow Mules!).





Luckily, we were able to tear ourselves away from the campground long enough to explore our gorgeous surroundings because hiking there is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I kept saying “it looks like a painted Hollywood film set” because the beauty was almost other worldly.


IMG_3432Can’t you imagine Heidi growing up here? Or running into the Swiss Family Robinson?




The Swiss once again impressed me with how accessible they make outdoor activities to its residents and travelers. My advice to anyone planning to camp in Switzerland would be to research what the campsite offers before packing too much (like I did). The campsite where we stayed offered cabins and tents to rent as well. Someone traveling to Switzerland could easily camp overnight in the Bernese Oberland, by checking their suitcases with a hotel valet in Bern or Geneva.

Me, I’m looking forward to experiencing the Swiss Alpine Huts and camping in Greece this August. Here are some links to inspire your European camping adventure:


4 thoughts on “Camping in Switzerland: The Bernese Oberland

  1. Your photos tell it all–great and inspirational landscape! And the Swiss they know how to manage it. They are stewards of that landscape. They, people, humans have lived in those Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald valleys for over 600 years–and they have not messed them up–witness your enjoyment and mine today as we walk them!! Fantastic, great photos, thank you! 🙂

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