My five favorite baby travel products



The Skip Hop Pronto! Baby Changing Station

This snazzy clutch turns any surface into a diaper changing station and goes absolutely everywhere the baby goes. It has gotten us out of some pretty tight jams… such as that diaper explosion at the upscale denim store in Paris. Yikes.


Babyzen Yoyo+ Stroller

I’m going to dedicate an entire blog post to how much I love this stroller. It zips in and out of tight corners at restaurants. I can lift it onto trains and busses by myself. It folds up to almost nothing. It is perfect for our go-go-go lifestyle. This stroller takes your baby from leaving the hospital up to a 40-pound child. Designed by two French engineers, it is truly a feat of design. (Don’t believe me? Watch the video).



Marpac Dohn Noise Machine

Our good friends recommended this travel noise machine as the smallest, lightest one around for naps and nighttime. We use it every day at home, too. We’re totally addicted and so is baby. Last week I saw it featured on GOOP for adults!


The Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier

This carrier is especially key when traveling to places that are not stroller-friendly– sandy beaches, hiking paths and Paris. (I truly have no idea how disabled people navigate Paris!) The baby also loves being so close to us when we’re wearing him in the carrier, so it has become our favorite way to calm him. With the newborn insert, it can take the baby from birth to 33 pounds.


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil

I slather this on the baby every night before bed… just kidding. This product is for me, my sanity and my now rapidly-aging skin. It smells like lavender and transports me to a luxurious, mental spa. It has become such a part of my nighttime routine that I picked up the one-ounce travel size.

The one thing I don’t have: A diaper bag! I kept meaning to buy one before the baby arrived, but never found one I liked. I’d actually prefer a backpack style so I can be hands-free. What do you use? Meanwhile, a few links on baby travel:

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Our travel crib has yet to leave our apartment, but we like it!

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4 thoughts on “My five favorite baby travel products

  1. We just used the Skip Hop Pronto and the Ergo Baby Carrier on our trip. I’ll have to try the app and the Kiels. I mention those products in my trip report on my blog

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