Hopp Suisse! Hop Schweiz! Forza Svizzera!

Hopp Suisse! Today marks Swiss National Day or the anniversary of when the Federal Charter of was signed in 1291 bringing together “three Alpine cantons [who] swore the oath of confederation.” We’re celebrating by joining in the local festivities–you know, stopping by a yodeling concert and whatnot. Meanwhile, here are some of my photos of one of the world’s most beautiful countries.


Have you ever thought about traveling to Switzerland? How about moving here? We moved to Switzerland with never having visited. I did not realize at the time what a big leap of faith I was making, but I’m happy I did. Perhaps these articles will help you make a decision:

What it’s like living in the world’s ‘best country’

On tracing my Swiss roots

Why I’ll never become a Swiss citizen

On the differences between Switzerland and the U.S.

Camping in Switzerland: The Bernese Oberland

Going to a rodeo in Switzerland


2 thoughts on “Hopp Suisse! Hop Schweiz! Forza Svizzera!

  1. I loved visiting Switzerland but after spending a weekend with friends who lived there I don’t think I could make the move. There are so many crazy rules! And of course it’s expensive. Beautiful though and I’d love to go back to visit!

  2. Switzerland as a country is beautiful, clean, ordered and financially-sound because of the stringent (crazy) laws which residents must follow. It can sometimes be maddening living here! Whenever I ask government employees “Why?” as in “Why do I have to pay a bicycle tax? Why is vacuuming banned on Sunday?” they always reply “Because that is how it is in Switzerland.”

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