A traveler’s guide to gifts

This morning I awoke to snow falling and children singing French Christmas carols on the playground outside my bedroom window. It was as if the world was saying “It’s December!” through a megaphone, but all I could think of is the holiday shopping I still have to complete. If you are in a similar predicament, you might find something on this gift guide I’ve pulled together for people who love to travel…


Away Carry-on. I was skeptical about this much talked-about suitcase, but my sister — who flies weekly with this carry-on in tow — swears it lives up to the hype. The bag features a compression packing system, indestructible exterior and built-in chargers so you won’t be stuck huddled around an outlet at the airport. Meets TSA guidelines. Comes in 12 colors. $225.


Try The World. A selection of gourmet foods from around the world delivered to your doorstep monthly. Each box is filled with snacks, drinks, sweets, ingredients and recipes from one region. The company supports local, small producers wherever it can. Subscriptions come in three-, six- or twelve-month packages for as low as $29 per box.


The Best American Travel Writing. I received last year’s edition for Christmas and had finished the collection of smart and funny personal travel essays by the end of January. Like reading a cookbook while hungry, you’ll want to book a trip once you open it. $10.


Kiehl’s Travel Essentials. Isn’t it nice to open a little something special when you’re on the road? I’ve tried all of these Kiehl’s products and they’d make a great gift for someone who is planning a trip in 2018. $12.


88bikes. For $88 you can give the gift of a bicycle to a survivor of human trafficking in countries around the world. My parents donated a bike in my name and I’ve loved following the recipient’s story in the years since. I was actually so enamored with the project, I interviewed the founders for an article. $88.


Trtl Pillow. What seems likes a gimmick-y “As Seen on TV” product, is actually ingenious. And this comes from a person who absolutely cannot fall asleep on planes. It’s light, packable and machine-washable. $29.

Yosemite-National-Park-Valley-View-Parks-Project-Shirt-web-wt_59814a97-e687-47ff-8bce-ff5cde7f24ca_1024x1024.jpgParks Project Gear. These t-shirts, hats, mugs, posters and more use vintage-inspired designs to celebrate and give back to the U.S. National Parks. Each purchase helps fund a park conservation project — something that is sorely needed right now! Begins at $14.


A night in a hotel. Or some $$ towards a night in a hotel, using a Hotels.com gift card. I can’t say enough good things about the experiences I’ve had with Hotels.com! They have helped us with last-minute bookings, find the best deals and redeem our points for a free hotel nights. (This is the hotel I’d be booking…)


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